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Patrick Berger

Anthony Kirsten

I am a German student and live in Munich. In my free time, I do model constructioning, drone racing and gaming. I also build my own 3D printers and multicopters.

Hi, im a German student from Munich and a big „The Legend of Zelda“ fan. Besides that, i have always been a fan of small formfactor and unique looking computers, so that already my first self built pc was a sfx.



This is what makes the DragonCage13 so special:

Size matters

With dimensions of only 335x135x295 mm (13 liters) this case fits into your normal backpack, so you can take your pc everywhere you want, no matter if its your work place or the next lan party.

Standard formfactor

This case fits every itx mainboard on the market, it has one 2.5″ drive bay and room for a sfx power supply.

Graphics card

Every GPU up to a length of 290mm is supported, enabeling you to use custom designes. In this case size matters.

Cooling like a pro

The case has a 240mm Fan vent in the top and supports radiators up to a thickness of 60mm to keep even the power hungriest hardware cool.

Rubber feet

With enough space for a reservoir it is the cleanest looking SFF case on the market.

Tempered glass side panels let you show off all the RGB glory your eyes can handle.